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Strategic Plan

In 2015, the district began the strategic planning process and solicited input from a variety of individuals in the Cambridge CSD community. In 2019, a new Core Team was established to edit and revise the original team’s work. The newly established Core Team worked hard to honor the work of the original strategic planning initiative.

In June 2020, the Board of Education adopted the strategic plan.

Mission Statement

In order to encourage the scholastic and personal growth of all students:

We are committed to helping each other realize passions, pursue purpose and celebrate individuality.

Vision Statement

We will cultivate a community where our students are motivated, inspired and equipped to adapt as lifelong learners.

Core Values

  • High expectations foster success
  • Students have an inherent desire to discover, learn and create
  • Students have a right to a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment
  • Continuous improvement leads to greater growth
  • Trust, mutual respect and communication build productive relationships

Goal #1 (Academic)

By 2023, the Cambridge Central School District will establish and maintain a culture that attracts, retains and develops high quality professionals who are aligned with our core values.

Goal #2 (Program)

By 2023, the Cambridge Central School District will continue to improve and develop opportunities that align with the interests, well-being and aspirations of the students, staff and ultimately the greater school community.

Strategic Parameters

  • Any new program or initiative must align with and contribute to our mission and vision.
  • Any new program or initiative must be accompanied by the communication and resources needed for its effective implementation.