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Athletics Code of Conduct

Cambridge Central School believes that a student’s participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics can be a rewarding and valuable experience. As a member of a team or group, students represent the entire Cambridge Central School Community. Certain responsibilities accompany student participation, including the following list of rules and the consequences for abusing them. In order to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics, this agreement must be signed by both the student and the parent/guardian, agreeing to abide by the rules listed herein.


  1. shall neither possess, use, share, or sell any alcoholic beverage.
  2. shall neither possess, use, share, or sell a tobacco product.
  3. shall neither possess, be under the influence of, share or sell any illegal drugs, anabolic steroids, HGH or any illegal and/or controlled substance or prescription drug not prescribed for the student by a licensed medical practitioner. This includes “over the counter” drugs, stimulants, diet supplements (such as Creatine), and chemicals or any other substances designed to enhance performance.
  4. who find themselves at a location where prohibited or illegal activities are taking place must make every effort to safely leave the location as soon as possible.
  5. shall neither frequently abuse school rules nor display behavior that could be detrimental to themselves, other students, the team, the school or the community. A review of the student’s disciplinary record by the Athletic Director and the Principal will take place when the athlete/participant has accumulated 15 discipline points.

If the athlete/participant is found to be in violation of any of the rules above, he/she will be suspended for a minimum of ten percent of the maximum allowable number of contests or events (Note: if this formula produces a fraction, it will be rounded up to a complete game or event). The student shall be allowed to remain involved in practices during the suspension. Repeat infractions or single “flagrant” violations may result in immediate dismissal from the team or activity for the duration of the season or activity.

In addition, the following measures will also be in place for all athletes/participants:

  1. All students must be in continuous attendance and participate in all classes during regular school hours, commencing no later than 8:30 a.m. in order to participate or attend activities that day.
  2. Any student who is scheduled for detention must serve the designated time before participating in any activities after school that day.
  3. Athletes/participants representing CCS in an off-campus activity must ride the Cambridge Central School bus to and from the activity and abide by all the transportation rules.
  4. Any athlete/participant who is failing two or more subjects at the end of a five week evaluation period will be prohibited from performing/competing in at least one major event or interscholastic contest. He/she will be placed on probation and must prove weekly that he/she is no longer failing two or more subjects by completing the “Academic Eligibility Weekly Report.”
  5. Athletes/participants representing Cambridge Central School shall not use inappropriate or obscene language while engaged in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics.
  6. Athletes/participants who have not returned items that are owed to the school will not be issued any supplies or uniforms or be allowed to compete/perform until restitution is made.
  7. Athletes/participants who have met the initial eligibility standards as set by NYSPHSAA and who have returned from a lengthy absence (more than seven consecutive days) must re-qualify by completing 25% of the required number of practices needed prior to the first scrimmage for an individual as outlined in the NYSPHSAA Handbook. This is to ensure optimum health and safety for all athletes/participants. Absences due to injury or illness will be handled on an individual basis after consultation with the medical staff at Cambridge Central School.
  8. National Honor Society and Student Government members will abide by the rules described above for the entire time that they serve, from the date of their election/selection until the term ends. Students who will be returning to school (all non-seniors) and have accepted entry into these organizations agree to follow the rules even when school is not in session. This includes the summer vacation as well as all other vacations.

Before being disciplined, the athlete/participant will be informed orally of the violation of the above rules with which he/she is being charged, and will have the opportunity to offer a defense during an informal conference with the coach/advisor. Both the evidence and the athlete/participant response will be considered, and a recommendation will be forwarded to the principal. Action will then be taken with his/her concurrence.

In all cases regarding these rules, the parents of the involved athlete/participant will be notified by the coach/advisor, in person or by telephone, immediately following the disciplinary action. The athlete/participant will receive a letter of counseling which will be maintained on file in the high school office.

The athlete/participant and/or his/her parents or guardians may appeal the official decision and will be granted a hearing or hearings. Appeals will be heard by a supervisor one level above the person who implemented the punishment. Additional appeals at higher levels may also be pursued.

At the discretion of the principal or the superintendent, the suspension or dismissal from athletics or other activities may extend into other seasons or other co-curricular activities. An athlete/participant’s overall disciplinary record may be the primary factor in a determination of this type.

Exceptions to these participation rules may be granted by the secondary principal after consultation with the athletic director.

A coach or advisor of a co-curricular or extra-curricular activity or interscholastic athletics may impose additional requirements that are unique to his/her activity or sport. These additional requirements will be presented in writing at the initial practice or organizational meeting.

Completed forms will be kept on file in the high school office.