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The Cambridge Central School District’s Transportation Department provides 20 bus runs each day, transports more than 800 students and logs approximately 350,000 total miles each year.

Drivers Wanted

Cambridge’s Transportation Department is looking for qualified individuals who are interested in becoming school bus drivers. If you are 21 years of age, have a clean driving record and love working with young people, then school bus driving may be the job for you.

It is an excellent opportunity to consider if you:

  • Have children attending school
  • Are retired and would like to make some extra income
  • Enjoy having summers, holidays and weekends off
  • Like the freedom that working a split shift provides
  • Want extra work, which is often available
  • Need health benefits (available when qualified)
  • Want to work close to home

If you don’t have a CDL, training is available for free through the transportation department. If you are interested, please contact Transportation Supervisor Cheryl Benson at 518-677-2653, ext. 1012 or cheryl.benson@cambridgecsd.org to make an appointment to discuss the opportunities that may be available.

Interested individuals should visit our employment page to learn more about applying.

Transportation Requests

If your student is in need of transportation to a private or parochial school, requests must be made no later than April 1, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year. Requests can be made by filling out the 2023-24 private school transportation request form.

If your student is attending Cambridge and in need of transportation, please contact the transportation supervisor.

Student Drop-off

Students should be dropped off in the morning in the designated areas in front of the science wing for grades 7-12 and in front of the gym for K-6. Do not let your child off if your car is not in one of these areas. Please be respectful and allow every other car to proceed so that no one has to wait beyond a reasonable period of time.

Parents should not drop their children off directly from route 22.

Rules of Conduct on School Buses

  • Students shall obey the bus driver’s instructions
  • The bus driver is authorized to assign seats
  • Students who must cross the road to board or leave the bus should cross in front of the bus when signaled to do so by the driver. Follow the 15’ rule.
  • Students are to remain seated after entering and before leaving the bus.
  • Students should not change seats while the bus is in motion.
  • No food will be eaten on the bus unless the driver grants permission.
  • Personal listening devices may be used at the discretion of the bus driver.
  • Students should not smoke or use tobacco products.
  • Verbal abuse and fighting of any kind will not be tolerated on school buses.
  • The discharge or release of aerosol sprays, powders or liquids is strictly prohibited on the school bus. This includes perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and any substance, liquid or solid, that can emit aromatic fumes within the confines of the interior of the school bus.

What’s Allowed on a Bus

All of the items that a child brings to school should be packed in a carrying case, such as a tote bag or backpack, which must be small enough to be held on the student’s lap. Students on a school bus may not transport large items and food for class parties.

New York State Department of Transportation and federal regulations prohibit bringing large items and musical instruments on school buses (NYSDOT Regulations Section 721.22). This prohibition is designed to prevent the blockage of seats and aisles in the event of an accident.

Elementary Bus Notes

If your student is being dropped off at a different address other than the home address we have in SchoolTool, you must write a note and have your student bring it to school. This must be done each school year, even if the drop off location is the same as the previous school year.

If the location your student is being dropped off changes during the school day, please contact the elementary office at 518-677-8527, ext. 1416.

School Closings and Delays

When the district is forced to close or delay schools or dismiss students early due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions, transportation will follow the modified schedule. If a two-hour delay is announced, bus pickups will be approximately two hours later than the originally scheduled time. If the district is closed, no transportation will be provided.

Transportation Policies

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Cheryl L. Benson
Transportation Supervisor
Office: 518-677-2653, ext. 1012
Cell: 518-788-6099

Cambridge CSD Bus Garage
58 South Park Street
Cambridge, NY 12816