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  • Mr. Burr's Gymnasium

    "Sweating makes you cool!"

     Organized sports are just one way to be active!

    My goal as a physical education teacher is to create and foster a life-long enthusiasm for physical activity.  Every person, regardless of skill has the ability to be active.  It's my intention to provide students with the fundamental concepts and skills needed for a wide variety of activities throughout life.


    Required Supplies

    1. A Positive Attitude:  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!

    2. Athletic Footwear: Sneakers or other footwear appropriate for running.

    3. A Change of Clothes:  Yes, sweating makes you cool, but it will also make you smelly.  Changing into athletic attire for class will help keep the clothes worn during the day much nicer.  It's not only hygenic, but also much more comfortable!  Students in PE class are still subject to the school dress code.   A simple T-shirt and shorts are great for changing into.  (Deodorant is also highly recommended!)  




    Being active doesn't always mean playing sports!