Grading Policy Latin 7

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    GRADING POLICY-- Latin 7


    QUARTER GRADES consist of the following:

    HOMEWORK/ASSIGNMENTS (15%) must be turned in or presented on time. It may be turned in late if previous arrangements have been made. Homework must be turned in to me or placed upon my desk if student misses class due to an appointment or a late arrival to school. Student must find out from me or from another student what he/she missed in class and the homework assignment for the next class. Homework not turned in or presented receives 0, a grade that is not dropped from the calculation of one’s average. Homework turned in late without an excuse will receive a grade of no higher than 50%; homework turned in after the topic is tested will not be accepted. Simply attempt to do all the exercises in every homework assignment. Assignments will be graded with either a “check” or a “check minus” (indicating full or half credit). Students will receive extra credit for doing “double-sided vocabulary fans” (i.e. eight columns—I’ll explain).


    War with Troy Questions (15%)

    We will listen to 12 episodes of War with Troy, a retelling of Homer’s Iliad, the oldest surviving book written in ancient Greek. Since Aeneas, the ancestor of Romulus, is believed to have fought in the Trojan War, it is a foundational text to the Romans as well as the Greeks.


    QUIZZES (35%) are given frequently (about 15 per quarter) and target specific things, like vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. They range from 5-15 minutes in length. If a student has been present for all the quizzes, the lowest will be dropped, totaling no more than ten points.



    • TESTS are given less frequently (usually two a quarter) and are designed to measure a student’s overall grasp of Latin. They last at least 30 minutes.

    • PROJECTS  are opportunities to explore Roman culture (i.e., mythology, history, culture, etc.). (There will be a 10% penalty per day for a project turned in late without an excuse.)


    Each QUARTER GRADE counts for 20% of the year’s average (4x20%=80%).


    The FINAL EXAM is worth 20% of the yearly grade. Latin I students must pass the NY State Proficiency Exam and Latin III students must pass the NY State Comprehensive Exam for course credit.  


    LATIN 7: Since this course is only one semester long, the Exam at the end of the semester is worth 10%. Two quarters = 2 x 20% + End of Semester Exam (10%) = 50% = ½ credit


    THE CONSEQUENCES of failure to follow the classroom rules, complete assignments, or perform adequately on quizzes or tests include coming to class during 9th period.