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    Welcome to English 7                                      Read

    Class Expectations
    • Be on time and prepared for class every day.

    • Show Respect for everyone all the time, including yourself!

    • Be responsible and always put forth your best effort.

    • Complete all homework and assignments on time and to the best of your ability.

    This year in English 7 we will be learning the importance of reading, writing, grammar, language use, spelling, etc. Also, how to respect other cultures and that everyone has a journey in life.

    2019-20 Supply List


    A. 1.5in to 3in Binder (1)

    B.  Dividers for Binder (4-6 or 1 pack)

    C. Composition Notebook (1)

    D. Pocket Folder (1)

    E. Loose Leaf, Lined Paper

    F. Pens and Pencils

    I am looking forward to what the rest of the 2019-2020 school year has in store!
    Mrs. Andrew

    677-8527   Ext. 1635



    * Attached Documents
    - English 7 Course Overview
    - Englsih 7 Summer Reading Assignment
    - Blank Reading Response Journal
    - Englsih 12 Summer Reading

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