• Foundations in Mathematics - This is a hands on project based learning class that will focus on real world applied mathematics. No supplies are needed for this course except a pen or pencil. 

    Common Core Algebra 2 - This course will expand on the work that students did in Algebra I.  The main topics in this course include polynomial operations, radicals and complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, statistics, and probability. TI 84 plus graphing calculator is required for this course.


    Supplies needed:
    •  3-ring binder for math only (at least 1.5")
    • Graphing Calculator will be provided by the school. If you choose to purchase a graphing calculator, TI-84 is the best option. (N-spire models will not be allowed to be used on any state or local exams, including Unit Tests and Quizzes)
    Looking forward to seeing you in the fall. :)

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