Ms. Henderson's Home Page - 11th/12th Grade Special Education and Life Skills Health

  • Welcome to 11th/12th Grade Special Education Website!


    I am thrilled to be working with the 11th and 12th graders this year.  With the help of Teaching Assistants, Mrs. Reilly and I will be providing Resource Room and Consultant Teaching services to our students, while also implementing a work experience program for our students, which potentially leads to a Career Development and Occupational Studies certificate.  

    Resource Room offers the opportunity for us to reteach difficult concepts, break down complex assignments, work on study skills, address questions about homework/ classwork, and develop strategies for organization.

    Consultant Teaching allows us to work closely with the students and the core teachers inside the classroom. Special Education teachers not only help keep students engaged, but also work closely with teachers to modify instruction and assignments to fit the individual needs.

    I am also excited to be teaching Life Skills Health this year.  This will be a fun class where we learn about some very important issues regarding wellness. Instruction will include topics in: Physical Health, Mental/ Emotional Health, and Social Health.


    I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year!