• Facilities/Buildings and Grounds

    The Facilties/Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for approximately 210,000 square feet of building space across three facilities. This includes cleaning, regular maintenance, snow removal, overseeing all construction work, and complying with all New York State Education Department health and safety regulations. The department also handles all deliveries within the district.

    Vision Statement

    The Facilities/Buildings and Grounds is a group of dedicated professionals whose mission is to provide a clean, orderly, safe, respectful, cost-effective and instructionally-supportive school environment in order to provide an atmosphere that allows students, faculty and staff to meet or exceed their personal and departmental goals in support of the academic mission of Cambridge Central School. 

    Use of Facility Requests

    If an individual or outside organization would like to use any portion of the school grounds, whether it be inside or outside, a use of facility request must be filled out and submitted two weeks in advance. Requests submitted within the two-week deadline may not be accommodated. An outside organization must also include a proper certificate of insurance. No outside organization will be allowed to use any portion of the property without submitting a certificate.

    If an adjustment needs to be made after a request has been submitted, please immediately communicate this to Cathy Eriksen (catherine.eriksen@cambridgecsd.org or 518-677-2653 ext. 1421), to ensure the location is not double booked. 

    Employees should submit all requests in Q Ware

    Annual Notifications and Lead Testing

    Asbestos Management Plan

    In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 (40 CFR Part 763), the Cambridge Central School District conducts periodic asbestos review and required inspection. Asbestos projects shall be conducted according to all applicable local, state and federal regulations. The asbestos management plan is available for review during normal business hours at the business office.

    Integrated Pest Management Policy

    Pesticide products may be applied periodically throughout the school year at schools in the Cambridge Central School District. Under State Education Department law, the district must maintain a list of parents/guardians and school staff who wish to receive 48-hour advance written notice of a pesticide application in the facilities or on school grounds. For more information or to request a 48-hour notification, contact Superintendent Dr. Douglas Silvernell at 518-677-2653 ext. 1010. Applications to receive pesticide notifications are also available in the main offices of our schools.

    Lead Testing

    In September 2016, a state law went into effect that requires all public school districts in New York to test water for lead. The law requires school districts to sample all water outlets currently or potentially used for drinking or cooking purposes in buildings that may be occupied by students and to submit those samples to a state-approved lab for analysis.

    View the most recent lead testing results.