Cambridge offers summer programming for both students who require a remedial course as well as enrichment opportunities. In the event that students retake a course, due to a failing grade, the final grade obtained during summer school appears on their transcript. Should a student choose to retake a Regents exam, the higher grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.

    Enrichment courses, for 1/2 or 1/4 credit, are also offered, based on interest, during the summer school program. These courses will appear on the student's transcript.

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    2021 Dates

     July 12 - First day of class
    August 19 - Last day of class 

     Class Schedule

    Session 1  8:00-10:00                                   Session 2   10:05-12:05

    English 10 & 11   (room S-10)                                                                           English 7-9 (S-10)

    Social Studies 7 & 8    (room S-02)                                                                    Global 10   (S-05)

    Global 9    (room S-02)                                                                                     US History 11  (S-07)

    Algebra    (room S-05)                                                                                      Math 7 & 8   (S-02)

    Geometry   (room S-07)                                                                                    Living Environment  (S-08)

    Science 7 & 8   (room S-08)