• Cambridge CSD provides its students with a rich academic experience. In addition to the core subjects and a variety of electives, distance learning courses are offered throughout the school year providing Cambridge students with many learning opportunities.

    With the implementation of the Common Core learning standards, students are asked to do more now than ever. Under this tab, you will find information about the Common Core, as well as useful articles for assisting your children with Common Core homework.

    In the summer, Cambridge serves as a hub for local students to retake courses or exams as well as offering summer enrichment courses to its students. These courses are added to student transcripts and usually count for a half or quarter credit, depending on the number of instructional hours. Past courses include: hiking, biking, an archaeology course around the local Shay’s Rebellion Settlement project, SAT preparation and drama.

    Cambridge’s academic reputation has been recognized numerous times by local and state business reviews. The strict academic regime at CCS prepares students for higher education and the workforce.