Transportation Office

  • Cambridge Central School Transportation Department 

    58 South Park Street

    Cambridge, NY 12816

    Transportation Supervisor

    Randi Sica

    Office: (518) 677-2653 x1012

    Cell: (518) 788-6099

    Bus Garage: (518) 677-8207

    Fax: (518) 677-3889

    Notice to everyone who drops students off at CCS

    The Board of Education and Administration of the Cambridge Central School are hereby notifying all residents of our district that a major concern exists around those areas identified as student drop-off and pick-up points on or near the school campus.  As safety of our students is our number one concern, the school district has worked hand-in-hand with the Cambridge Police Department to identify proper drop-off and pick-up procedures.  The following guidelines will now be employed:

    1. Students dropped off in the morning in the newly painted designated areas in front of the science wing for 7-12 and the newly painted designated areas in front of the gymnasium for K-6.  Do not let your child off if your car is not in one of these areas.  Please be respectful and allow every other car to proceed so that no one has to wait beyond a reasonable period of time.

    2. Parents should not drop their children off directly from State Route 22.  The White Creek Town office Building parking lot may be used for morning student drop-off.  Students will be escorted across Route 22 by our school crossing guard.
    With the help of the Police Department, the enforcement of the traffic rules on our campus will be more noticeable.  The public's assistance is appreciated in helping make our campus a safer place for our students and staff.  Should anyone have any questions regarding this very important matter or have suggestions on how to improve the traffic flow, feel free to call Mr. Vince Canini Superintendent, at 677-2653 ext. 1014, Ms. Colleen Lester, Elementary Principal, at 677-8527 ext. 1433, or Ms. Tammy Silvernell, High School Principal at 677-8527 ext. 1411. 

    Rules of Conduct on School Buses

    1)        Students shall obey the bus drivers instructions


    2)        The bus driver is authorized to assign seats


    3)        Students who must cross the road to board or leave the bus should cross in front of the bus when signaled to do so by the driver. Follow the 10’ rule.


    4)        Students shall enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion.


    5)        Students are to remain seated after entering and before leaving the bus.


    6)        NO student shall be allowed to occupy ANY position that will interfere with the vision of the driver or his driving.


    7)        Students shall NOT change seats while the bus is in motion.


    8)        Students shall NOT extend any portion of their body out of the window, and they shall keep their legs out of the center aisle.

    (17 NYCRR 720.4C 1a) “The main aisle or passageway to any door shall be unobstructed”


    (17 NYCRR 720.5A) “Emergency exits shall be designed and maintained in a free operating condition and the passageway thereto shall be unobstructed”


    (17 NYCRR 721.4A 11)  “Aisles shall be not obstructed while the vehicle is in service. Baggage, freight or other property shall not be carried in the aisle so as to interfere with passenger seating space, safety or comfort.”


    9)        Students must maintain complete silence whenever a school bus approaches a railroad track to enable the driver to hear audible signals.


    10)    Students shall hold conversations in a normal tone of voice so that the driver’s distraction is kept to a minimum.


    11)    Nothing shall be thrown within the bus or in and out of the window.


    12)    Wastepaper shall be deposited in the receptacle provided in the front of the bus.


    13)    No bundles, large parcels, groceries or pets shall be carried in the school bus.


    14)    No food will be eaten on the bus unless the driver grants permission.


    15)    Radios or audio equipment will not be played on the school bus.(Exclusive of the buses own radio system)


    16)    A) Personal listening devices (i.e. MP3, radio, CD players,etc) may be used at the discretion of the bus driver.

    B) Personal listening devices shall be turned off and their ear pieces or headphones removed when boarding or departing the school bus for safety purposes so that the student(s) will be able to hear communications from the driver while boarding/departing/crossing or in the event of an emergency, i.e.: car attempting to pass the bus while loading/unloading students.


    17)    Students shall not be destructive.


    18)    Students shall NOT smoke or use tobacco products.


    19)    Verbal abuse and fighting of any kind will not be tolerated on school buses.


    20)    The discharge or release of aerosol sprays, powders or liquids is strictly prohibited on the school bus. This includes perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and any substance, liquid or solid, that can emit aromatic fumes within the confines of the interior of the school bus. For health and safety reasons and in the greater interest of students, drivers or any passenger on the school bus who may have allergic reactions and/or an asthmatic condition, this rule will be strictly enforced.


    Transportation Regulations

    Students and parents are to be reminded that the Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools, and/or building administrators have the authority to suspend the transportation riding privileges of children who are disorderly and insubordinate. In such cases, the parents of the children who are involved become responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school safely.


    Policies for Student Behavior while Riding on Buses

    General procedures for school bus disciplinary action for violation of rules recorded by the driver.


    Step 1. At the discretion of the bus driver, one or more verbal warnings will be given to a student depending upon his or her behavior.


    Step 2. Deviation of the rules causing a reprimand by the school bus driver in need of recording will be written in a report by the bus driver which will explain in detail the violation and action taken at the time of the incident. A copy of the record will be sent to the parent, one copy to the Transportation Supervisor, and one copy to the Principal of the building where the student is attending.


    Step 3. A second violation which recorded will be submitted in the same manner as the first incident, and may result in a suspension of the privlege of riding the bus to and from school.


    Step 4. A continuance of violation of any sort after a first suspension from the privilege of riding may cause an expulsion of the student from the transportation provided by the school district for a period of time to be determined by the Principal.


    Bus Transportation Referral Consequences

    As an extension of the classroom, all improper bus behaviors shall not be tolerated. Because of the safety issues involved when a driver is distracted by such behaviors, all students on the bus are affected and the safety of all passengers is compromised. Because of the safety issues involved, School Bus referrals/incident reports are dealt with in a very serious and concise manner.


    The order of consequences is as follows after one or more verbal warnings by the Bus Driver:


    1)      First referral results in a warning


    2)      Second referral results in a 3 day suspension of bus riding privileges


    3)      Third referral results in a 1 week suspension of bus riding privileges


    4)      Fourth, and all subsequent referrals, result in suspension of bus riding privileges as deemed appropriate by the Principal and Transportation Supervisor. A meeting may be recommended between the Parents and Administrator(s) to resolve the issue(s) before any resumption of transportation of the student occurs.


    The severity of the improper action involved can have effect on the order of consequences as listed above. A physical altercation which may be a student’s first referral could result in a suspension of bus riding privileges as deemed appropriate by the Principal or his/her designee.


    Suspension from Transportation

    If a student does not conduct himself/herself properly on a bus, the bus driver is expected to bring such misconduct to the Principal’s attention. Students who become a serious disciplinary problem may have their riding privileges suspended by the Principal or the Superintendent or their designees.


    In such cases, the student’s parent will become responsible for seeing that his or her child gets to and from school safely.


    A student subjected to a suspension from transportation is not entitled to a full hearing pursuant to Education Law §3214. However, the student and the student’s parent will be provided with a reasonable opportunity for an informal conference with the Principal or the Principal’s designee to discuss the conduct and the penalty involved.