• BOCES-Substitute Positions: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Teacher Aides, & School Nurses

    If the district website has any images related to the Substitute Teacher Registry similar to a flyer, the old BOCES logo, or imaging, needs to be removed from the website at this time. 


    Right now both BOCES and Districts have struggled to get substitutes to sign up this year, but we want to ensure that we do everything that we can to recruit desperately needed substitutes during this time. We are hoping that we can call upon the district that utilizes this service to assist us in attracting more substitutes. WSWHE BOCES is holding a Virtual Information Session for New Substitutes on Thursday, November 5, 2020, to provide information about the process to become a substitute. We would like to leverage your social media channels, whether that is Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. If all 27 districts post on all their social media channels, we have the opportunity to get in front of a total of 81,000 followers. 

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  • Substitute Bus Drivers, Substitute Cleaners, Substitute Cafeteria Workers

    The District is continuously recruiting qualified individuals to serve on an as-needed basis for the positions of substitute cleaners, bus drivers and substitute bus monitors, . If you are interested in any of these positions, contact the appropriate supervisor using the information listed below.

    Please Note: All potential employees must have received finger-print clearance in order to submit an application.  For more information on the fingerprinting process, please contact the District Office.