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Strategic Plan flow chart

Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan  

    Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year, the Cambridge Central School District used Strengthening Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness grant monies to assemble three teams of stakeholders to develop a strategic plan. The Core Planning team, the Measurement team and the Action team met numerous times throughout the year to develop the plan. The completed and adopted Strategic Action Plan will serve as a framework for the district’s future. Click Strategic Plan Pyramid.

    The strategic plan will serve as the parameter of what fits and what does not fit into the curriculum, should the school implement less traditional learning, (for example mentoring and internships), and ask the students to identify goals for themselves, as well as write their own strategy plan on how their goals will be achieved. This derives from the onset of student apathy and the loss of desire to learn. Learning stops and the student focus shifts to getting projects and homework done versus getting them done correctly and having an understanding of them. The goals and decisions are to be grade/age appropriate.    

    The team spent several days brainstorming to adopt a mission statement, mission outcome, and core values. Each word was carefully selected and several revisions made before submitting to the grant provider to assess and provide feedback to the team. Additionally, a measurement team devised a mission outcome rubric to use as a base. Click Mission Outcome Rubric.

    The mission statement is as follows: “Cambridge Central School empowers our students with the knowledge, skills and character traits to pursue their goals and contribute positively to society throughout their lives.” The mission outcome states, “By 2020 each student will continually articulate, pursue and re-evaluate long and short term goals that lead to growth. The mission and mission outcome are born from the core values that the team collaborated and agreed upon. It states, “People have an inherent desire to discover, learn and create. Understanding our differences benefits all of us. All people have intrinsic value. People are responsible for their choices and effort they put forth. Meaningful, challenging and clear expectations lead to higher achievement. Trust is the foundation for productive relationships. School, family and community working together benefits us all.” 

    These important steps serve the plan’s foundation. From the foundation and additional hours of brainstorming and collaborating, Strategy 1 and Strategy 2, were created. Strategy 1 states, “We will design and implement student-centered approaches to instruction and learning in order to achieve our mission and mission outcomes for all students. The strategic delimiter states, “We will not adopt any new program or initiative unless it is aligned with and contributes to our mission.” Strategy 2 states, “We will engage, support and equip our school community to implement a student-centered approach to achieve our mission and mission outcomes for all students.” The delimiter states, “We will not adopt any new program or initiative unless it is accompanied by the communication and resources needed for its effective implementation.” For details including action steps and end results click Action Steps. Please note the action steps are suggestions. Those may or may not be the actions of the District but they serve as a guidance.

    This is a work in progress and in its first step which is to familiarize staff and families with the process so they may understand it. Suggested action steps will be suggested by the grant provider.