COVID-19 update
  • June 1, 2020

    To All,

    While we are still stuck in this limbo caused by the pandemic, there are still some activities occurring here at CCS.

    Please remember to join us on Wednesday June 3, 2020 for the student and parent caravan in the front of the building in the traffic loop. Our staff would like to give a goodbye cheer to our students before we finally close the 2019-2020 school year! The event will begin at 3 PM and will run until 4 PM.  We would love to have you drive through so we can give our children a farewell for the summer. We will see you there, rain or shine!

    When you join us, please drive slowly through the loop with your windows up.  In order to keep in line with Department of Health guidelines, please have just your immediate family in the car with you.

    All are welcome!!

    On a completely different note, the printers have delayed mailing our absentee ballots for our upcoming budget and Board of Education election.  The ballots were mailed this morning from Albany, and should arrive at your home by Wednesday. In order to be valid, we must receive the ballot here at our Administrative building by 5 PM by Tuesday, June 9.  Please make sure to completely fill out and sign the envelope so we can verify the residence and count your ballot.

    To ensure your ballot arrives in time you will want to fill it out and turn it around quickly in the self-addressed stamped envelope.  If you need a little more time we are setting up a drop box for ballots here at our district office at 58 South Park Street at the front door of our offices.  The box will be available starting Thursday, June 4, and will remain open until 5 PM June 6.

    Please Be Kind, Stay Home, Stay Safe.