• About Athletics

    Cambridge competes as a Class C or D school in Section 2 of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. Cambridge is a member of the Wasaren League. The district offers 15 sports across three seasons.

    Athletics Offerings

    Cambridge High School is home to more than 30 varsity, junior varsity and modified sports teams. View the athletics schedules.

    Fall Sports

    • Field Hockey (hosted by Salem)
    • Football (merged with Salem)
    • Golf (merged with Salem)
    • Boys Soccer (merged with Salem)
    • Girls Soccer
    • Volleyball

    Winter Sports

    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Skiing (hosted by Stillwater)
    • Wrestling (hosted by Salem)

    Spring Sports

    • Baseball (hosted by Salem)
    • Boys Lacrosse (hosted by Greenwich)
    • Softball
    • Boys and Girls Track and Field
    • Unified Basketball

    Coaches Directory

    View the coaches directory.

    Health and Safety Procedures

    Concussion Protocol

    The Concussion Management Awareness Act provides rules and regulations for the treatment and monitoring of students with mild traumatic brain injuries. The law requires each school coach, physical education teacher, nurse and athletic trainer to complete an approved course on concussion management every other year.

    Return to Play Protocol

    Athletes must be evaluated for concussions or other injuries. The athletic director will work with the school nurse, school physician and the athlete's medical provider to monitor all return to play protocols.

    The district will follow the concussion management protocols as outlined by NYSED.

    Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act

    The goal of the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act is to promote safe interscholastic athletics participation and to prevent incidents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in student athletes. The law requires districts to provide information to parents/guardians of student athletes prior to the student’s participation in any interscholastic athletics. The law also requires teachers who coach extra-class athletic activities and coaches to hold a valid certificate of completion of a first aid knowledge and skills course offered by a nationally recognized organization.