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    Libraries are more important than ever in the age of information. Librarians teach students to evaluate information and to navigate their way through it as well as how to present their own ideas. Libraries are the hotbed for technology in the school, and librarians help both students and staff to make the best use of it.

    While I help students choose books on their reading levels to check out, students are also allowed to take books home simply because they enjoy the pictures or can read the captions. This helps ensure that students enjoy visiting the library and make a personal connection with literacy. Confidence-building, self-esteem, and joy of reading are the primary goals for library book selection, and this may sometimes mean a child chooses a book because a friend enjoyed it or because the photographs are compelling. Research shows that this approach to book selection when paired with explicit reading instruction in the classroom is beneficial to students, as they then walk away from library and school both with necessary reading skills and with a positive and confident attitude towards reading.   ~ Mrs. Cummings


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