Mr. Flint's 6th Grade Room

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    Welcome to room #65!

    6th grade is an amazing year of new privileges and independence, but with these new changes come new responsibilities.

    The 6th grade teachers have designed the year to help in the transition to 7th grade. We each teach one core subject(s) to all the 6th graders: Mr. Hamilton teaches all the math, Ms. DeCan  teaches all the English, and I teach all the science plus the social studies for my homeroom. In addition, we all teach reading. 

    We try to give the students a rich exposure to different experiences through our field trips, and include many activities such as 2nd grade mentoring which we do with Mrs. Bell's class. 

    Call or email me if you need to contact me for any reason, thanks. 

    518-677-8529 x1527 (W)  518-677-0220 (H) or

    *Of note to new parents and students: Our 6th grade supply list of supplies is located on my "resources" link page.