First Grade - Room 35

  • **Welcome to my website!  Please note that my main source of communication with parents will still be my classroom newsletter or daily homework folder.

    Thank you!

    Heidi Record



    First Grade News


    Dear Parents,


    This is the first of many newsletters that you will be receiving from me this school year. As some of you may or may not know, this is my 15th year teaching here at CCS. I taught First Grade for the first seven years and Kindergarten for six years. I love teaching here at CCS and the community. Currently, I am teaching first grade again and very excited with working with this age group. This is the school that my husband and I are proud to to say that we grew up here and graduated from many years ago. I am also very excited to be part of a wonderful team of teachers and school staff.

    Throughout the school year, I expect to work closely and communicate with you and your family about what is happening in room 35. We will be working as an educational team to help support and develop your child’s academic journey. My goal as a teacher is to help every child meet his or her fullest learning potential, and to love coming to school to be with friends and teachers. I will be providing a daily schedule that will foster early literacy activities in all areas of the classroom. As the school year moves on, I will be providing students to take home fun learning activities such as reading, math and other projects to do with parents as a way to help parents be involved in their child’s’ learning. Students can then come back to school and share the home activities with their friends. Children love to share things from home.

                The First Garde team works closely together to plan activities and themes throughout the year, and we encourage parents to help with special activiites and events. Parents can also contact the local PTP to help get involved with the school.

    I look forward to a fun filled year of learning and having fun with your child.

    Here are some important things to know for the first week of school and about our program:


    1.     Please have your child bring a backpack of some sort to school each day. It is helpful to have all personal belongings labeled with first and last name. Please keep all toys home unless a letter goes home about bringing toys from home for a sharing activity.

    2.     The first day of school your child will bring home a folder. This folder will go back and forth to school each day. Please put any important information addressed correctly to me or to another CCS staff member, daily notes and lunch money in the folder. Keep folder in your child’s backpack, and I will check folders daily. Writing a parent note is the best way to have daily contact with me at school. It is also very important to let me know of any bus or pick up changes.

    3.     Soon you will receive our school special schedule for weekly art, music, gym and library. Your child will be most comfortable wearing sneakers for PE and recess.

    4.     Please remember to pack healthy afternoon snacks. We love celebrating birthdays and holidays. Please let me know if you would like to share a special snack for your child during the school year.

    5.     At the end of most weeks, I will send home a classroom letter with important dates and school information. Hopefully, this will be a positive way for me to communicate with all my families. Please feel free to ask me any questions about our school day. 

    6.     Most of all, please have your child well rested for school and make sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast. We do not eat lunch until 10:30AM. To help with the school routine, plan out school clothes, pack lunches and backpacks all the night before. Discuss how your child is getting to and from school: bus or pick up. Talk to your child about school daily to help with any uncertainties your child may have about school, friends and the bus. Please let me know of any concerns that I can help support your child with at school.


    I am looking forward to working with you and your child. My school number is 677-8527 ext. 1586. Let’s all work together to make this an exciting and rewarding experience for your child.




    Mrs. Record

    First Grade Daily Schedule

    Mrs. Record, RM #35

    Important Weekly Specials

    Monday-Library, Tuesday-PE, Wednesday Music/PE and Thursday-PE and Friday-Art


    Daily Classroom Schedule

    *Please note that the classroom schedule will change often due to special events and activities.


    1.    School Arrival, Get Ready For the Day, Attendance and Announcements

    2.    Calendar, Morning Greetings and Activities

    3.     Word Study and Spelling

    4.     Reading Block *Guided Reading Groups and AIS Reading Support

    5.     Writing Workshop

    6.     Wash Hands and Get Ready for lunch         **Lunch                           

    7.     Recess

    8.     Math

    9.     Specials        

    10.   Science and Social Studies 

    11.   Snack-Time, AIS Math and Center Activities (Get Ready to Go Home)

    **  Dismissal Time



    Welcome to First Grade




    Hello _________________________________!


            I’m so excited that you will be in my class and I can’t wait to meet you at Kindergarten camp.  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family and friends.  This summer, I will be busy getting the classroom ready for you and your new friends that will be in our class.


            I am looking forward to a year of fun learning activities, sharing experiences, discovery and growth with each and every one of my students. We will enjoy reading many books together.


            Enjoy your summer!  I am looking forward to having you in my class and meeting your family.






    Mrs. Record

    First GradeTeacher

    Room #35



    First Grade Supply List-Mrs. Record and Mrs. Lynch


    • 1 box of markers

    • 1 box of crayons-12 count only

    • 1 pencil box

    • 12 pencils

    • 2 large erasers

    • 6 glue sticks

    • 2 marble covered composition notebook (1st grade rule)

    • 1 art smock


      *1 box of tissues

      *1 box of gallon size ziplock baggies

      *Please place all school supplies in a labeled large ziplock baggy.


      Thank you!