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    Dead End In Norvelt


    I enjoyed the book “Dead End In Norvelt” because it was filled with adventure, mystery and surprise around every turn. I would give the book a 4 star rating. However, in my opinion the author should have added another chapter and more descriptive detail throughout the story. Overall, the book was definitely a good read.

    The book “Dead End In Norvelt,” by Author Jack Gantos, is about a boy named Jack, who lives in a small town called Norvelt. Jack gets grounded for shooting his father’s Japanese Shotgun and has to go work for a lady named Miss Volker. He writes letters for her and mails them too. He thinks she is crazy because she melted her FINGERS with molten wax.

    Throughout the plot, a series of murders happen, and no one can figure out who is doing them or why. Jack has a list of suspects. Could it be Miss Volker? Mr Spizz? The ****’s Angels Bikers? Or even his own mother? Read the book “Dead End In Norvelt” by Jack Gantos to find out who is proven guilty.

    By Bailey Webster