About Us

  • Cambridge Central School, rebuilt in 1950 after a devastating fire, was the site of the Norman Rockwell painting “Triumph in Defeat” which appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on May 23, 1953. 

    In many ways, the Cambridge of Rockwell’s image is the same today as it was nearly 60 years ago. In addition to the door to the principal’s office being the same as the painting, the rolling hills and rich farmland of the Cambridge Valley have changed little. While the school remains central to the community of residents; a friendly blend of artists, craftsmen, small business owners, and farmers, it has displayed a sense of regional and global citizenship by engaging in initiatives that reflect a progressive mindset.  This forward thinking is shown in the building projects to enhance both energy efficiency and the learning environment.  From new energy efficient windows, self-monitoring lights, and solar panels on the roof to availability of mobile computer and iPad carts or the Smartboards in every classroom, our district has shown its commitment to the technologies essential to our learning and natural environment.

    We pride ourselves on our heritage, the unspoiled countryside that surrounds our central village, and the focal point of our community, our school. The amazing resources surrounding the Cambridge area create wonderful opportunities for the school to benefit from the community, and for the community to benefit from the school which has resulted in partnerships forged with local organizations like Hubbard Hall Theater, the Guest Home, as well as local businesses, and artisans.

    Our school community, as a reflection of the support of our community at large, has achieved excellence in many ways. In recent years, our district has ranked well for area schools in both the Albany Business Review and Buffalo Business First.

    Yet, Cambridge students do not merely complete a demanding regimen of courses – they excel. We offer 10 Advanced Placement courses as well as a supplemental variety of University in the High School and Distant Learning courses – an array virtually unheard of in a district our size. In 2014, Cambridge’s AP students’ performance also earned the district’s placement on the College Board’s Advanced Placement Honor Roll.  Yet, that’s not all we offer.  In addition, students can take advantage of tailored coursework-including hybrid college/high school schedules with our local community colleges, rigorous pre-engineering or health career studies through the New Visions program, career and technical education through the BOCES, and of course, a wide variety of remedial supports.  But that’s not all! Our students also benefit from the arts, community service, and athletics. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, All County Band and Chorus, Ski Club, Modified and Varsity Athletics, Student Council, National Honor Society, Drama Club, and many other clubs and activities.

    CCS and the Cambridge community are one in the same.  It is this deep interconnectedness through the support of the community of the school and the school for the community that gives rise to the high expectations, standards, as well as achievements.