About Us

  • The Cambridge Central School District (CCS) is a district of more than 800 students set in the bucolic backdrop of the Cambridge Valley of upstate New York near the Green Mountains of Vermont. The district’s students are divided into an elementary school for grades K-6, and secondary school for grades 7-12. The district serves a 100-square mile territory including parts of eight different townships.

    The CCS educational program and aspirations go well beyond what can be measured. Our students demonstrate their talents in the arts, sports, special events and academics. The school is ranked among the best in the area each year and remains the focal point of the community.

    Mission Statement

    In order to encourage the scholastic and personal growth of all students:

    We are committed to helping each other realize passions, pursue purpose and celebrate individuality.

    Vision Statement

    We will cultivate a community where our students are motivated, inspired and equipped to adapt as lifelong learners.

    Core Values

    • High expectations foster success
    • Students have an inherent desire to discover, learn and create
    • Students have a right to a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment
    • Continuous improvement leads to greater growth
    • Trust, mutual respect and communication build productive relationships

    A Rich History

    After a devastating fire, the school was rebuilt in 1950 and relocated to the site it sits today. The school was the site of the Norman Rockwell painting “Triumph in Defeat” which appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on May 23, 1953. 

    In many ways, the Cambridge of Rockwell’s image is the same today. In addition to the door to the principal’s office being the same as the painting, the rolling hills and rich farmland of the Cambridge Valley have changed little. While the school remains central to the community of residents, a friendly blend of artists, craftsmen, small business owners and farmers display a sense of regional and global citizenship by engaging in initiatives that work toward the betterment of the Cambridge area.