Welcome to A.I.S. Math - Colleen Lemieux & Rich Sweeney


    What is A.I.S.?

    Academic intervention services help students who are struggling to achieve the learning standards in English language arts and mathematice in grades K-12. 



    The purpose of our A.I.S. math progran is to provide students who are at risk of not meeting the New York State Learning Standards in Math with more teacher contact time to supplement and support the regular classroom program.  Students receive additional instruction and have an opportunity to practice their skills with close supervision.


    Selection for the Program:

    A variety of criteria are used to determine which students will be included.  These include teacher recommendation, New York State math test results (given in grades 3-6), STAR Math Assessment, placement test and judgement of the remedial teacher if the students have been in the program before.



    Students have contact with the remedial teacher from 3 to 5 times a week for approximately 30 minutes depending on grade level.  Students come to Room 30 to work in a small group setting.



    There is ongoing assessment of students progress and monitoring of their classroom performance through review of their daily assignments and meetings with the classroom teacher. 

    You will learn about your student's progress from a written report that will be sent home with your child's report card.   I will meet with you when you come in for your parent conference in November and at any other time you request a conference.