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National Honor Society inducts 13 new members

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Lambda Sigma Gamma Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 13 new members. The induction ceremony was held in the elementary gymnasium and was attended by friends and family members of the inductees and current members.

Congratulations to the newly-inducted members!


  • Anna Bailey
  • Coral Boehlke
  • Brice Burr
  • Samantha Crandall
  • Abraham Edwards
  • Isabelle Flint
  • Ezden Koopmann
  • Mason MacDougall
  • Kateri Murphy
  • Adeline Record
  • Nicole Robinson
  • Josha Roopnarine
  • Jackson Thomas

Current members

  • Lauren Archambeault
  • Tristann Crandall
  • Evan Day
  • Kobe McManus
  • Schuylar Nolan
  • Zachary Price
  • Olivia Record
  • Michael Shaner
  • Maizie Steele
  • Ryan Sweet
  • Zoey Thomayer
  • James Toleman
  • Emma Townsend
  • Isaac Wilkins

The National Honor Society is advised by Mrs. Stephanie Gifford. “Every year, the induction reminds me how fortunate I am, as adviser, to work with such an amazing group of students,” said Gifford. “No words can adequately convey how much I appreciate each member and all they do to make our school, local and larger communities a better place. This past August, we helped welcome rising 7th graders into the high school. We also recently helped the Agricultural Stewardship Association clear and construct trails at the Cambridge Community Forest. We plan on holding a Santa’s Workshop in December for CCS elementary students. I look forward to continuing this work and more throughout the rest of the year.”

The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership and character. These four pillars have been associated with membership in the organization since its inception in 1921. This year marked Cambridge’s 88th annual induction ceremony.

In addition to the student induction, each year NHS students select one faculty or staff member to be recognized at the ceremony. This year, high school English teacher Sara Andrew was recognized. Congratulations, Mrs. Andrew!

“Congratulations to the National Honor Society’s class of 2022 inductees,” said Caroline Goss, secondary principal. “Their achievements in leadership, community service, scholarship, character and their overall enthusiasm have been demonstrated through the hard work and dedication that each of them has displayed. This is a deserving group of students who will do great things. They epitomize what our community stands for and I am so proud of each and every one of them.”

NHS inductees
NHS inductees
Current NHS members and inductees with Sara Andrew, this year's faculty recognition recipient
Current NHS members and inductees with Sara Andrew, this year’s faculty recognition recipient
From left: Zoey Thomayer, Sara Andrew (faculty recipient), Zachary Price
From left: Zoey Thomayer, Sara Andrew (faculty recipient), Zachary Price
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