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Elementary Student Council Hosting Fundraiser

 A Festival of Trees Fundraiser

Each grade level has been gifted a bare tree in the display case. We need your help to decorate them. We are asking each student and teacher to buy an ornament to be hung on their grade level tree. All money will be donated to Operation Santa Claus and Fishes and Loaves, our local food pantry. The cost of the ornaments are as follows: 

$1 Choose a Red, Green, or Pink ornament

$5 Choose a Blue, White, or Purple ornament

$10 Silver Ornament

$20 Gold Ornament

The Festival of Trees will begin on Monday, November 26th and will end on Friday December 14th.   

Members of Student Council will be at the display case each morning to collect money and decorate your grade level tree.

Happy Holidays!

Written and Sponsored by The Elementary Student Council