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Strategic Plan Core Committee Holds Workshop


On Thursday, January 16, 2020, Cambridge Central School District’s strategic plan core committee held their first workshop. The committee is composed of volunteers who were selected through an invitation to apply process,  presented in December 2019. It comprises 17 members who represent a cross-section of Cambridge residents, students, teachers, faculty, and administrators, The purpose of this committee is to build upon and re-energize the great work previously done by a committee which established the plan. This means moving the strategic plan from words and ideas on paper and putting them in action and ensuring the strategic plan is instilled in the district’s and community’s culture. The workshop was facilitated by Brenda McGuire, who is an Educational Consultant and a resident in the school district.

Following introductions, comments, and activities, the committee broke into sub-groups of four or five members in which they built upon the work of the previous groups. The full group then reconvened and shared their work. After much discussion and thoroughly thinking about the dicussion and thoroughly thinking about the significance (or insignificance) of each word or phrase, the committee collectively drafted a mission statement. Having trust in the process, and with the guidance of Mrs. McGuire, the committee followed the same process in drafting a vision statement. Throughout the workshop the committee presented their drafts to Superintendent Silvernell, who by design, was not present during the brainstorming and collaborating sessions. The group then moved to an exercise in which they identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that will lead to goal development in the next workshop.

Superintendent Silvernell stated, “I am already impressed by the enthusiasm and synergy of this group. They accomplished a great deal quality work in a short amount of time.”

Strategic Planning Core Committee Members

Cheryl Benson (staff); Anthony Bochette (staff); Jordan Brown (student); Nicholas Ely (student); Heather Gwin (staff); Teresa Honyoust (staff); *Colleen Lester (staff); Abigail Maher (staff); *Naomi Marsh (community member); Colleen McDonald (community member); Heather McNulty (staff); Jillian Reilly (staff); Alice Roosevelt (student); Dr. Douglas Silvernell (staff); *Derek Srygley (staff); Jason Waite (faculty); Jessica Ziehm (resident and board of education member).

*These members also served on the committee that established the original strategic plan.

What is the purpose of a strategic plan?

The  strategic plan is to provide the filter for decision-making within the Cambridge CSD, as well as a framework for action plans as the district moves forward to serve the students and community. The strategic plan will impact program, budget, and hiring decisions in the future. The strategic plan itself will include the district’s mission, vision, strategic objectives, action plans, and the measurement tools to chart the plan’s progress.