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Junior Coral Erickson Continues Mentoring Elementary Students Remotely

Challenges often spark innovation and creativity. While students across the state continue to learn off-campus, new ideas to keep them engaged in their education are blossoming.


Coral Erikson, a junior at Cambridge Central School District, serves as a classroom mentor for Mrs. Chalen Lathrop’s third grade class. In Coral’s quest to contribute to the education of her underclassmen, Coral initiated a bean seed germination and planting project for the entire third grade to do at home.


Coral put her organization and communication skills to work. She wrote age appropriate day-by-day instructions, and created a video for the young students to watch on their Google classrooms. She also created kits to include all of the necessary items to successfully carry out the project.


There is no cost for the students to “grow” a love for gardening. Coral and her family own Coral’s Corner and Cones in Cambridge and supplied all of the materials. It’s not too late for students to give their green thumb a try, and should contact Mrs. Lathrop at for their kit. Students already participating are reminded to send photos of their project’s progress to her.



This student-driven project supports the district’s strategic plan.