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Latin Students Medal in National Exams

For more than two decades CCS Latin students have earned awards on the National Latin Exam, which was taken by approximately 140,000 students in the U.S. and abroad. This year the National Latin Exam was offered to CCS Latin I-V students.

For the seventh consecutive year, CCS students in grades 8-12 participated in the National Mythology Exam. Since 1989 the NME is consistently given to over 9,000 students in approximately 400 schools around the United States and in several foreign countries.


This year’s gold medalists are Emma Haynes (L IV) Abigail Maher (AP).

The following students earned NLE magna cum laude awards: Stacy Taffi (L II), Clara Foster (L III), Madeline Flint (L III), and Julia Boyne (L IV). 

Also, cum laude awards go to Johanna Lynip (L II), Fiona Mooney (L IV), and Orion Baker-Porazinski (L IV). 


The 2020 National Mythology Exam includes questions on general classical mythology as well as Homer’s Odyssey (Book XII) and Ovid’s Metamophoses (Books IV-V). 

The solo gold medalist this year, with a perfect score, is Abigail Maher (AP Latin).

Silver medals were earned by Isabelle Flint (L I), Johanna Lynip (L II), Olivia Record (L II), Fiona Mooney (L IV), and Sarah Burke (AP).

The following are bronze medalists: Chaylyn Harrington (L I), Deanna Lulla (L I), Elijah Lulla (L I), Haviah Edwards (L I), Jackson Thomas (L I), Stacy Taffi (L II), Hailey Napoli (L III), Tristan Campbell (L III), Aidan Fahy (L III), and Madeline Flint (L III).

Omnibus gratulationes!