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CCS Environmental Science Students Resume Their Research

CCS High School students returned to the great outdoors this month to resume their research of local water quality.  Since 2003, students taking environmental science with Mr. Butz have performed long-term water quality analysis of Hedges Lake in Jackson, and the Battenkill River in Shushan. During normal school operation, students would visit these local water resources to test and monitor their water quality once a month, all throughout the school year. This not only provided students with the opportunity to perform real scientific research while in high school, but is also helping to monitor the health of local water resources. Unfortunately, the pandemic put an end to the study, but after the 14 month shutdown, the research resumed and both Hedges Lake and the Battenkill. Students use their research as part of a final project in the class and to inform the community of their results.


Pook's Bridge Photo