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Life Skills class partners with Buildings and Grounds Department to build picnic tables around campus

Student drilling in a screw with a member of the Buildings and Grounds DepartmentJuly 15, 2022

It was a collaboration months in the making. Rich Austin, superintendent of buildings and grounds, approached Marlee Wood, life skills teacher, about his department working on a project with the life skills class. The two decided that the class would build picnic tables to be placed throughout the school grounds.

Before beginning the project, the class learned about tool safety and participated in a tool safety lesson. They then watched tutorial videos on how to build a picnic table. 

Ben Jacobson, a member of the buildings and grounds department, cut all of the wood in preparation for the student project. Then, the students took over. With the exception of cutting the wood, the students built and assembled the tables from start to finish. In total, the class built five tables that are currently being displayed throughout the school grounds. 

"The kids loved it," said Marlee Wood, life skills teacher. "It was a great opportunity for the students and a chance for them to be recognized outside of the classroom. It gives teachers and other students a connection to my class."

The collaboration was a big success. The class can now see their fellow students and employees enjoying the tables throughout the year. 

Students sitting at a picnic table they built