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Students explore Ag in the community during summer enrichment program

Aug. 17, 2022

Throughout the summer, the district is offering a number of summer enrichment opportunities for students. In July, students participated in an Ag exploration summer enrichment program led by Miss Sarah Cuddihy. The first week of the program was for incoming 6th and 7th graders. The second week was for incoming 8th and 9th graders. 

Week 1 highlights - grades 6 & 7

Students visited Tiashoke Farm, Capital Tractor, Betterbee, Mill Creek Farm, Andland Farm, Benson's Dairy Bar (for a cold treat!), Wedding Hill Farm and the Battenkill Fiber Mill.

At these locations, students learned about a variety of things including farm operations, the business/financial component of agriculture, veterinary science and more. Students participated in activities with bees, horses, sheep and cows. 

Week 2 highlights - grades 8 & 9

Students visited Andland Farm, Benson's Dairy Bar, the Washington County Fairgrounds, Betterbee, Kenyon Hill Farm, Gardenworks, Mill Creek Farm, King Dairy, Wedding Hill Farm and the Battenkill Fiber Mill. 

At these locations, students learned about milk production, identifying trees, showing cows, honey production, sustainable farming practices, horse breeding, veterinary science and turning sheep wool into product.

"The course showed students the variety of Ag opportunities that our area has to offer," said course instructor Miss Sarah Cuddihy. "Students were excited and engaged as each day brought a new type of experience. It was great to witness our students enjoying the opportunity to be in the agricultural setting, something that was new to many. We are grateful to the businesses that took the time to provide our students with the opportunity to learn about their contribution to agriculture!" 

View photos of students participating in the course.