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New safety measure: school visitors required to provide I.D. when entering the building

Sept. 7, 2022

We are so happy to welcome individuals back into the building this year for meetings and ceremonies. We wanted to make you aware of a new sign in procedure we are implementing at our secure entrances. 

Our new visitor system, Raptor, will require you to provide identification in the form of a driver’s license. Your license will be scanned into the system during your first visit to generate your visitor badge. Once your information has been added to the secure server, you will not be required to scan it at every subsequent visit. You will, however, be required to show an I.D. for each visit. If you do not have a license to scan in for your first visit, please bring a valid I.D. for the clerk to manually add you to our system.

Please note this procedure is only for those signing in and entering the building during the school day. Individuals who are dropping off items for students or picking up a student will not be required to sign in and follow this process.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. This not only helps us better identify individuals in the building should an emergency come up, it also ensures an additional layer of security for our students and staff.