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Strategic planning action teams working to provide more student opportunities, recruit and retain employees

Strategic planning prioritiesJan. 4, 2023

The Core Team recently met and reviewed the mission, vision, core values and goals that they established in 2020. The team did not recommend any updates to their work from three years ago. Since the spring, the strategic planning action teams have been working on the two goals set by the Core Team.

Goal #1 (Academic)
By 2023, the Cambridge Central School District will establish and maintain a culture that attracts, retains and develops high quality professionals who are aligned with our core values.

Goal #2 (Program)
By 2023, the Cambridge Central School District will continue to improve and develop opportunities that align with the interests, well-being and aspirations of the students, staff and ultimately the greater school community.

Action teams continue work

Team 1 - Recruitment and Retention

This fall, the team produced a video intended for prospective employees highlighting the positive aspects of working for the district. When the video is finalized, it will be included in all future job postings, posted on the employment page on the district website and shared on social media during the peak hiring season.

In the coming months, the team plans to work on revamping the hiring process and developing and implementing strategies to retain the district’s employees.

Team 2A - The Arts

Team 2A was initially called Team 2. In the fall, the team decided to create a second team focusing on the creation of an Ag program. As a result, Team 2 became Teams 2A and 2B.

Team 2A is focused on the arts. In November, the team worked to start a high school Glee Club with hopes it could get more students involved and interested in singing. The team plans to visit a number of schools in the area this winter to explore how their performing arts programs work and how we could work to increase participation and opportunities in our programs.

The team hopes to have a plan in place by the spring and to work with Hubbard Hall in the fall to coordinate some smaller productions that would take place at CCS.

Team 2B - Ag Program

Team 2B was formed in October. The team includes a number of individuals who were on the original committee to bring an Ag program to the district several years ago. The district surveyed students in grades 5-11 at the end of November to gauge their interest in an Ag program and to see which Ag subjects they would be interested in taking at CCS. The team plans to meet throughout the winter and spring with the hopes of restoring an Ag program at CCS.