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First Tech Challenge Robotics Team wins design award at competition

Robotics team pictureJan. 18, 2023

The CCS Robotics Team 22277 Deep Fried Wires had an outstanding performance this past weekend during their first ever FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge (FTC) qualification match at the Albany Academies.

Kobe McManus, Natalia Masina, Ezden Koopman, Abe Edwards and Jackson Thomas received a first place design award for their custom designed and fabricated robot, the 'Fryolator' which ran flawlessly for every match and stood out for its reliability and autonomous routine.

Aside from just one other team, Deep Fried Wires was the only other rookie team at the Albany Academies Qualifier and competed against 18 other teams, including many long-standing teams who have already competed this year and who have built robots for many years.

Deep Fried Wires rose steadily from their initial sixth place ranking to a first place ranking, which they held until the last matches of the day.

Deep Fried Wires was one of only four teams to make the semifinals after being pushed back to fourth place overall by one of the top teams in NY. While team 22277's robot again ran flawlessly, their alliance partner's robot failed during each of the semifinal matches and the teams did not advance to the finals.

The team would like to thank the district for its full support and is now preparing for an even more competitive qualifier in two weeks at Broadalbin-Perth where Deep Fried Wires will be the only rookie team competing against 24 other teams. Possible updates for the robot include multiple 'time of flight' laser range finders and 'dead wheel' odometry to allow for a more advanced autonomous routine, additional custom 3D printed and laser cut components as well as other sensors.

Team working on the robotTeam competing