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Whatever! journals published and unveiled


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Students grades 7-12 recently had their original writing and/or works or art published in the “Whatever!” journal. This 25-page publication is a student-lead, creative arts journal for students to showcase their work from both class and personal projects. The goal is to provide an opportunity for students to become a published artist or writer, and to give students the experience of planning, designing, and publishing an arts journal. The students were advised by English teacher, Mrs. Meg Maset.

The journal was a labor of love for several months, as it entailed the students creating written work and artwork they would be proud to have published. Then there was the task of deciding upon the layout. The Whatever! team quickly realized that with so many layout options, came important decisions. Which written pieces and art pieces complemented one another? Which art works made the most sense to place adjacent to one another? It was like a jigsaw puzzle, but with more than one correct answer. The students had the opportunity to experience the decisions of a magazine or book editor. Once they layout finalized, the not as exciting (yet equally important) details were worked on between Mrs. Maset and the BOCES print shop.

The journal was unveiled at the Whatever! celebration on the evening of Wednesday, June 6. Prior to the evening, none of the students had seen the final publication. Mrs. Maset welcomed the friends and family in attendance. She gave special thanks to Whatever! team members Carmella Bennett, Shannon Brainerd, Kayliegh Carrino, Judah Edwards, Vanessa Evans, Leah Jaffe, Autumn Headwell, Nate Houle, Jack Mathers, Taryn Olson, and Alice Roosevelt. Leah Jaffe gave the introduction, followed by Olivia Record reading her original poem, “I Cannot Think.” Guest speaker, Mr. Matt Chinian, provided words of encouragement to the students. Mr. Chinian, earned a bachelor of arts painting and sculpture in 1983, and master of fine arts from SUNY Albany in 1988. Mr. Chinian shared his story of his journey in which he took a break from creating art to focus his time and energy on carpentry for the past twenty-five years. He returned to painting six years ago.

Along with the presentation of the journals, recognition awards were presented, which included best artistic achievement honorable mention to Max McLenithan. Anna McNulty was delighted to learn her artwork, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” was selected as the cover until the journal was unveiled.

“The students were definitely excited to see their works in print and I’m already looking forward to working with our talented students for next year’s publication,” Mrs. Maset said.