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As of December 20, 2019, the playground equipment is not permitted for use during the winter months. 

There are multiple reasons why it is advised to stay off the playground equipment until warmer weather arrives, but the number one reason is to ensure the safety of our students.

Playground equipment becomes slippery and icy during the cold months, especially after a fresh snow. This creates a slipping or falling hazard. Elevated falls become a concern as well. Though the surfacing material underneath the playground equipment is designed to absorb shock and help minimalize injuries, once temperatures decrease the surfacing materials harden and it loses the ability to serve as a shock absorber.

Winter clothing can present various hazards on the playground equipment. Scarves can get caught in the equipment which could result in strangulation. Winter clothing tends to made of nylon material which is slippery and can increase acceleration when proceeding down slides or chutes. Children playing on slides or chutes that haven’t been cleared of piled-up snow can slide into a snow pile that is too heavy for them to escape, which can result in suffocation. Of course, we encourage our students to come to school in adequate winter clothing so they can enjoy the other playground activities at recess during the winter months.

The district appreciates everyone’s cooperation in our efforts to keep our students safe.