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BOE Adopts Strategic Plan


On Tuesday, July 7, the Cambridge Central School Board of Education held their reorganization meeting. At the meeting, the Board unanimously approved the adoption of the District’s Strategic Plan. The plan has been taking shape for the past several months. The planning was broken down into three teams: the core planning team, the measurement team and the action team. The teams met numerous times throughout the school year discussing a plan of action for the district. The goal is to create a solidified foundation for the district for many years to come.


“With strategic planning, CCS has begun a process that will result in purposeful, long range decisions that will change the educational experience of our students,” said High School Principal and Strategic Team Facilitator Tammy Silvernell.


Each team met several times and discussed their vision for the district. The team members included: current students, CCS faculty, staff, administrators, board members and members of the Cambridge community.


“The planning process was crafted by a wide range of ideas from many caring people, all of whom wanted to establish a common vision for the District,” added Silvernell.


Superintendent Vince Canini commended Silvernell for her hard work in facilitating the meetings and making the plan come to life. He also thanked CCS teacher Colleen McDonald for getting the grant money to make the Strategic Plan a possibility. Canini was pleased with how the process was handled.


“It is one thing to have a philosophy in your head, but to verbalize it, defend it, tweak it so others understand it and see everyone's beliefs transform into a common vision for the children of the community was well worth the time, effort, and energy,” said Canini.


Board President Paul Baker-Porazinski said, “I am thrilled by this opportunity to align our entire organization behind one unified mission and to put students at the center.”


Although the meetings involved many hours of discussion outlining the future of the district, now the difficult job is to implement the plan within the district and help the CCS community understand the purpose and reasoning behind the plan.


“The planning process was very rewarding and I am excited to begin the implementation,” said Silvernell.


Strategic Plan PowerPoint