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Dropping off Students


The Board of Education and Administration of the Cambridge Central School District are hereby notifying all residents of our district that a major concern exists around those areas identified as student drop-off and pick-up points on or near the school campus. As safety of our students is our number one concern, the school district has worked hand-in-hand with the Cambridge Police Department to identify proper drop-off and pick-up procedures. The following guidelines will now be employed:


Students will be dropped off in the morning in the designated areas in front of the science wing for 7-12 and the designated areas in front of the gymnasium for K-6.  Do not let your child off if your car is not in one of these areas. Please be respectful and allow every other car to proceed so that no one has to wait beyond a reasonable period of time.


With the help of the Police Department, the enforcement of the traffic rules on our campus will be more noticeable. The public's assistance is appreciated in helping make our campus a safer place for our students and staff. Should anyone have any questions regarding this very important matter or have suggestions on how to improve the traffic flow, feel free to call Mr. Vince Canini, Superintendent, at 677-2653 ext. 1010; Ms. Colleen Lester, Elementary Principal, at 677-8527 ext. 1433; or Mrs. Tammy Silvernell, High School Principal, at 677-8527 ext. 1411.


Change to Picking Up Students as of September 2017

Many teachers will begin keeping students during period 9 for support rooms and other clubs. There are some changes to the 9th period pick up routine.

  1. Late busses will pick up in the front loop instead of the back.

Remember that NO ONE can park in the bus lane while buses are in the loop. Parents can park in the diagonal near the entrance door. 

  1. Parents choosing to pick up their child after Period 9 will move to South Elementary Entrance. Please be prompt in picking up your child. Parents can park on diagonal and wait for students under the car port.