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Statement on appellate court decision

The State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division in Albany County rendered a decision today, Dec. 7, in the matter of the district’s logo and nickname. The appeal was dismissed, as moot, without costs.

The Board of Education exhausted all avenues in relation to the mascot issue. The Board is now committed to moving forward in adopting a new mascot.

This fall, the class presidents, as well as the National Honor Society (NHS) and Student Council presidents, convened to bring student voice into the process of selecting a new mascot. The NHS and senior class president were selected to represent the student body to work with the Board in the selection process.

The Board has approved surveys to be distributed to members of the student body. The first survey asked about ideal characteristics of a new mascot and some potential mascot ideas. The top characteristics were: strength, pride, power, loyalty and wisdom/knowledge. Additionally, the orange and black school colors will remain.

The Board has also met with the student leaders to discuss the mascot selection process. As a result of those meetings, the Board and students are developing another student survey that will be released in the coming weeks. All of the survey feedback will be shared with the Board for consideration of a new mascot.

The Board plans to take action on a new mascot in January.