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Student survey selects Valley Wolves as next CCS mascot

Students in grades 4-12 were surveyed this week and asked to choose between two potential mascot options – the Eagles and the Valley Wolves. A total of 451 students (86% of the population in grades 4-12) completed the survey. Valley Wolves received 250 votes (55%) and Eagles received 201 votes (45%). Based on the results of the survey, the Board intends to take action on Thursday night to adopt Valley Wolves as the new CCS mascot.

Some of the key characteristics identified by students and community members for Valley Wolves included:

  • Wolves are pack animals. They teach, nurture and provide for each other, their young and their elderly.
  • They are known for their extraordinary teamwork.
  • The wolf is known as the pathfinder; one who looks forward as a leader, and guides the pack.
  • Wolves have a great sense of direction (compass), which helps keep them on the right path.

For the last few months, the Board has been working on a process to determine the next school mascot. Board members met with student leaders on multiple occasions to share ideas and determine a path forward. The Board received a number of suggestions from community members, alumni and students. The Board decided a community forum featuring students and district residents was the best venue to capture the intent and rationale for the suggestions being presented. Based on the rationales presented at the forum, the Board narrowed it down to two choices – the Eagles and the Valley Wolves.

“It was important to the Board that the district select a mascot that could unify all members of the student body and the community,” said Shay Price, Board of Education President. “The Board was committed to ensuring that the new mascot is meaningful and embodies the core values of the district and community.”

Following the adoption of Valley Wolves, the district will then work to develop an action plan to establish a new logo to coincide with the nickname. The district will begin to work immediately and intends to unveil the new logo by the start of the 2024-25 school year.

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