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Students and district residents select Tigers as next CCS mascot

Updated April 11, 2024

At tonight’s Board of Education meeting, the motion was unanimously approved (5-0) to adopt Tigers as the next Cambridge CSD mascot.

Over the past couple weeks, students in grades 2-12 and district residents were surveyed and asked to choose between three potential mascot options – the Eagles, the Tigers and the Valley Wolves.

A total of 575 students and 96 district residents completed the survey. Tigers received 351 votes (52%). Valley Wolves was second with 207 votes (31%). Eagles was third with 113 votes (17%). Tigers was the top selection from both the students and district residents.

Based on the survey results, the Board intends to take action on April 11 to adopt Tigers as the new CCS mascot.

When students were surveyed this fall, they identified the following characteristic traits that the new mascot should encompass:

  • Strength
  • Pride
  • Power
  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom/Knowledge

Students and residents were asked to choose the mascot that best represents these characteristics. The board tabled a resolution that would have advanced Valley Wolves as the school’s next mascot because the original survey was too narrow and excluded Tigers as a choice that students had originally put forth. It also did not include community input.

“It was important to the Board that the students and residents provide input on the new school mascot,” said Shay Price, Board of Education President. “The Board would like to thank everyone for their participation in this process and is looking forward to adopting the Tigers as the next CCS mascot.”

Following the adoption of Tigers, the district will develop a plan to establish a new logo to coincide with the nickname. The district will begin to work immediately and intends to unveil the new logo by the start of the 2024-25 school year.

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